Posters will be displayed in the North end of the meeting room (Louis Room, Norris University Center).

POSTER W. Niel Brandt (Penn State University): A New Extragalactic Population of Faint, Fast X-ray Transients
POSTER Daniel Brethauer (CIERA, Northwestern University): Late Time Chandra-NuSTAR Observations of SN2014C’s Transition from Type Ib to Type IIn
POSTER Baptiste Cecconi (Observatoire de Paris): Solar System Events
Aprajita Hajela (CIERA, Northwestern University): Improved constraints on the environment density of GW170817 from a comprehensive analysis of Chandra X-ray data
POSTER Denis Leahy (University of Calgary): ASTROSAT Observations of the X-ray Binary Hercules X-1
David Matthews (CIERA, Northwestern University): Constraining the Progenitor Environment and Mass Loss History for Type IIn Superluminous Supernovae
POSTER Jeonghee Rho (SETI Institute): Molecule and Dust Formation in Supernovae
Candice Stauffer (CIERA, Northwestern University): Exploring the optical behaviour of a type Iax supernova SN 2014dt
Aaron Tohuvavohu (Penn State University): Teaching an old mission new tricks: Swift in the time-domain and multi-messenger era

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