Next NUDHL Meeting: #dhsound: Digital Humanities and Sound Studies

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Please join us for the next NUDHL meeting:

#dhsound: Digital Humanities and Sound Studies

With special guest, Jonathan Sterne, McGill University, author of The Audible Past, MP3: The Meaning of a Format, and editor of The Sound Studies Reader.

**Note special time and place**

**Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 11am-1pm, Ver Steeg Lounge, NU Library**

#dhsound: Digital Humanities and Sound Studies
In this session, special guest Jonathan Sterne, Department of Art History and Communication Studies and the History and Philosophy of Science Program at McGill University, author ofThe Audible Past, MP3: The Meaning of a Format, and editor of The Sound Studies Reader, will join us for an informal discussion of digital sound studies. Michael Kramer and Jillana Enteen moderate. **Special Event: In lieu of our usual monthly Friday meeting, we are convening on Wednesday, 11/6, 11am-1pm in the Ver Steeg Faculty Lounge, Northwestern University Library. Coffee and pastries served. All are welcome to join the conversation.**

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