Welcome to NUDHL

Hosted and supported by the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities (with additional support from other units), the Northwestern University Digital Humanities Laboratory (NUDHLpronounced “noodle”) offers an interdisciplinary digital humanities research workshop consisting of faculty, graduate students, librarians, and technologists from Northwestern University. Anyone (from beginners to beyond) interested in digital technology, culture, research, scholarship, publishing, pedagogy, and criticism is welcome to attend.

The goal of the workshop is to create an interdisciplinary space for investigating the emerging role of digital technologies and knowledge in the humanities, broadly conceived. The workshop will include discussions of recent scholarship in the field and presentations of research-in-progress by workshop participants. We seek to cultivate an ongoing conversation that helps members explore how to bring to bear the digital on their own research, teaching, and professional agendas.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, NUDHL’s blog provides an online space for conversation, announcements, and extensions of our individual and collective inquiry into digital humanities issues.


In its first year, 2012-2013, NUDHL facilitated digital humanities discussions, presentations and working sessions with participants from English, History, Performance Studies, Gender Studies, Philosophy, Art Theory & Practice, Screen Cultures, Anthropology, Archaeology, and more, along with colleagues from the Library and Information Technology. The Research Workshop sponsored a number of HASTAC Graduate Fellows.

In its second year, 2013-2014, NUDHL facilitated discussions around topics ranging from digital humanities and sound studies to feminist digital humanities to the intersection of public and digital humanities. Graduate students and outside speakers presented their research and NUDHL expanded upon digital-related conversations in the AKIH Dialogue Series.

After a year on hiatus, NUDHL returned in 2015-2016 with three meetings and a reading group. In the fall of 2015, Northwestern faculty shared progress on digital projects begun as part of the Arthur Vining Davis Digital Humanities Summer Faculty Workshops. In the winter of 2016, Lisa Lynch visited from Concordia University to share her research on “Working with volatile archives: the case of Wikileaks.” In the spring of 2016, Whitney Trettien of UNC-Chapel Hill presented her research on the Little Gidding Harmonies in a talk titled “Harmonizing Difference in the Digital Archive.” We also held an ongoing reading group to explore the essays in Between the Humanities and the Digital, eds. Patrik Svensson and David Theo Goldberg
(MIT Press, 2015).


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