Using Maps to Tell Stories


Using Maps to Tell Stories:
Ancient Rome in Chicago
Shakespeare’s Circuits

The emergence of new digital tools has enabled students to extend their capabilities beyond the page — into realms of interactive mapping, data visualization, and digital storytelling. But what are these tools, exactly? How and why might we integrate them in our courses? What do students stand to gain?

Next week the MMLC invites faculty members who have recently used web-based mapping tools in the classroom to share their experiences. We’ll hear from Francesca Tataranni (Classics) on how students used Storymap JS to create a virtual walking tour of Ancient Rome in Chicago and Will West (English, Classics) on how how students used the CartoDB platform to map Shakespeare’s Circuits around the globe.

Join us as we continue this conversation, all while enjoying outstanding food and drink.

Friday, May 13, 3:30-5:00 p.m.

Ver Steeg Faculty Lounge, Main Library


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