Schedule for 2016 Midwest Epistemology Workshop

(Abstracts, papers and handouts Here)


Thursday, September 29th


Public lecture by Paul Boghossian, “Should We Be Moral Relativists?” (Handout)

Pyle Center, Room 313

Friday, September 30th

6191 Helen C. White Hall

8:45am  Registration table opens

9:00-9:15  Coffee, bagels, fruit

9:15-10:45  David Sosa (UT-Austin), “Standard Bearers”(Handout)

11:15-12:45  Brian Kim (Oklahoma State), “Decision Theory, Pragmatic Encroachment, and Gettier Cases” (Handout)

12:45-2:15  lunch

2:15-3:45  Dana Tulodziecki (Purdue), “Going Beyond Truth and Empirical Adequacy: Expanding the Notion of Epistemic Success in Philosophy of Science”

4:15-5:30  Panel on Epistemology and its History

Carrie Swanson (Iowa), “Ancient Epistemology: Nothing New Under the Sun?” (Handout)

Margaret Atherton (UW-Milwaukee), “A Place for History and Everything in its Place”

Saturday, October 1

6191 Helen C. White Hall

9:00-9:15  Coffee, bagels, fruit

9:15-10:45  Imogen Dickie (Toronto), “Epistemology and the Theory of Reference” (Handout)

11:15-12:45  Billy Dunaway (UMSL), “Realism, Meta-Semantics, and Risk” (Handout)

12:45-2:15  lunch

2:15-3:45  Avery Archer (George Washington), “Do or Do Not, There is No Withholding: An Argument Against the Existence of Practical Withholding” (Handout)

4:15-6:15  Keynote Address

Paul Boghossian, “Reasoning and Reasons” (Handout)


Conference banquet
  • David Alexander (Iowa State)
  • Julianne Chung (Louisville)
  • Sinan Dogramici (UT-Austin)
  • Sophie Horowitz (Rice)
  • Dan Korman (Illinois-UC)
  • Jack Lyons (Arkansas)
  • Steven Nadler (UW-Madison)
  • Declan Smithies (Ohio State)
  • Tomas Bogardus (Pepperdine)