Affiliated Faculty

Brady Clark (Linguistics)
Semantics, Pragmatics, syntax, syntactic variation and change, focus and focus sensitivity

Dedre Gentner (Psychology)
Learning and Thinking; Analogy, Similarity and Metaphor; Concepts and Conceptual Structure; Language and Cognition; Language Acquisition

Sid Horton (Psychology)
Language Cognition; Memory Representations Underlying Routine Language Use; Pragmatics; Common Ground and Memory Processes in Language Production

Douglas Medin (Psychology)
Categorization And Reasoning; Decision-Making; Cultural and Biological Thought

Andrew Ortony (Psychology, Education, and Computer Science)
Knowledge Representation, Language Cognition, Metaphor, Emotion

David Rapp (Psychology)
Language Comprehension of Written Texts; Memory

Lance Rips (Psychology)
Concepts of Individual Entities; Mathematical Concepts (e.g., Natural Numbers or Groups); and Types of Reasoning Related to these Concepts (Typically Causal or Mathematical Reasoning, Counterfactuals)

Gregory Ward (Linguistics)
Pragmatic Theory, Information Structure, Intonational Meaning, and Reference/Anaphora

Sandy Zabell (Mathematics)
Probability, Statistics, Mathematical Logic and the History of Mathematics