MEW 10: Additional Information

1. Map of hotels, conference venues, local eating spots. 

2. Getting into town from the airport:

If you are staying at the InnTowner: The Inntowner provides a complimentary shuttle for its guests.  Guests are asked to use the courtesy phone at the hotel board between baggage claims 1 and 2 to request shuttle service, or call the Inntowner directly at (608) 233-8778.

If you are staying at the Graduate, Lowell Center, or one of the other hotels near campus: The cheapest taxi option is Green Cab, (608) 255-1234.  A Green Cab ride from the airport will cost a single rider about $12 for a shared ride, $18 for a direct ride.  You can also pick up a cab by going to the taxi stand at the north end of the terminal (past baggage claim 7).  To take a bus from the airport, catch the Route 20 bound for the North Transfer Point.  At the North Transfer Point, transfer to a Route 02 bus bound for the West Transfer Point.  Exit the bus at State St. and W. Gotham, then walk to your hotel.

  1. Getting to the conference venue: Paul Boghossian’s public lecture will be held at the Pyle Center.  The rest of the conference will be in Room 6191 of Helen C. White Hall.  The InnTowner will arrange a shuttle to either of these locations from the hotel, though it’s best to tell them the night before what time you’ll need the shuttle.  (The InnTowner will also send its shuttle to pick you up at the end of the day.)  From any of the other hotels it’s a short walk to all the relevant venues.

Once you get to Helen C. White, don’t go into the library entrance.  Proceed past the entrance to the library to a set of double doors that lead to two elevators.  (You’ll know you’re in the right place because there’s a dashing picture of Helen C. herself on the wall.)  Take those elevators up to the sixth floor, then turn left and left again.

  1. Dinner Friday night: The conference banquet is Saturday night.  For Friday night people are on their own to pay for dinner, but we have made reservations at a few local restaurants so we will be able to get a group in.  We will provide more information at the conference and lead you to the relevant spots.  Also, if you’re interested in seeing some live electric blues after dinner, Dan Law and the Mannish Boys are playing a show from 9pm until 1 or 2am at the Brink on Friday night.  (Their guitarist happens to be UW philosopher Jesse Steinberg!)