School on Dark Matter and Neutrino Detection

July 23, 2018 – August 3, 2018
São Paulo, Brazil

The aim of the school is to introduce the students to the fields of particle Dark Matter and Neutrinos, share the excitement on model building and experiments, and prepare the new generations to contribute to this endeavor. The courses will provide a broad overview on the phenomenology and outstanding questions in these two fields and the detection methods that may shed light on these issues in the future.

For further information, please refer to the Summer School website which is linked from the ICTP-SAIFR webpage at: www.ictp-saif.org

COFI members participation

Enectali Feliciano during his lecture

Martin Makler (left), Carla Bonifazi and Andre DeGouvea (3rd and 4th from left)

Andre DeGouvea during his lecture