COFI Board of Directors

  Daniel Altschuler, PhD (Astronomer)
University of Puerto Rico.
Former Director of the Arecibo Radio Telescope Observatory.
  Eric Bou Diaz, PhD (Clinical Pharmacist)
Mission Regional Medical Center.
Former Director of Brownsville Hospital, Texas.
  John Ellis, PhD (Physicist)
King’s College London, UK.
Former CERN staff Adviser to the CERN Director General for relations with Non-Member States.
Gladys Escalona, PhD, Puerto Rico
University of Puerto Rico
Vice president of Research and Technology.
Jose Huerta Rebozo, MD (Medical Doctor)
President of Bancovida — Stemcell Bank.
  Joseph Incandela, PhD (Physicist)
University of California, Santa Barbara.
Former CMS spokesperson.
  Marta Losada, PhD (Physicist)
President of Universidad Antonio Narino, Colombia
Former National Director of Research.
  Dwight McBride, PhD (English and African American Studies)
Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of African American Studies. Distinguished Affiliated Professor of English Associated Faculty in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  Patricia McBride, PhD (Physicist)
Fermi National Laboratory Head of Particle Physics Division.
  Gladys Nieves (Engineer)
President, EDP University, Puerto Rico, Inc.
  Fernando Quevedo, PhD (Theoretical Physicist)
Cambridge University
Director of International Center for Theoretical Physics
Trieste, Italy.
  Carlos A. Rubio (Architect)
Executive Director of Puerto Rico State Historic Preservation Office.
Katepalli R. Sreenivasan, PhD (Aeronautical Engineering)
New York University
Dean of the Polytechnic School of Engineering.
  Mayda Velasco, PhD (Physicist)
COFI Director, Puerto Rico
Leader in experimental Particle Physics, Northwestern University.
Harry Weerts, PhD (Physicist)
Associate Laboratory Director for Physical Sciences and Engineering of Argonne National Laboratory.