January 2020

Always something to discover


November 2019

COFI Fellow talks to young scientists about the importance of Advance Instrumentation

October 2019

Visit from Northwestern University

September 2019

Yue Zhang, PhD. member of COFI Fellowship Program has been appointed as Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics in Carleton University, Canada

July 2019

Workshop: July 16, 2019 – July 19, 2019  1st COFI Workshop on Precision Electroweak

April 2019

A particle physicist pays it forward

March 2019

Dr. Mayda Velasco: Bringing the Universe Home

Interview to COFI Director – Mayda Velasco,Ph.D. at El Nuevo Dia

Press coverage: Women in Science and Technology

Charla: March 11, 2019 “Simposio Mujeres en la Ciencia y Tecnología”


November 2018

Workshop: November 29, 2018 – December 1, 2018  Novel Instrumentation for Fundamental Physics

Charla Magistral: November 13, 2018  The Dawn of Gravitational-Waves Astrophysics

October 2018

Workshop: October 26, 2018 – October 28, 2018   2nd COFI Workshop on Gravitational Waves

August 2018

COFI is welcome to become part of  “The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme”

COFI Director, Prof. Mayda Velasco, PhD is appointed as UNESCO Chair Professorship

First Group of Fundamental Physics Innovation Awards Announced

July 2018

Watch: MicroX rocket launch led by physicist Enectalí Figueroa-Feliciano

May 2018

Workshop : Searching for Physics Beyond the Standard Models Using Charged Leptons

March 2018

COFI Director, Prof. Mayda Velasco, PhD was invited to share professorship into “The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme”