COFI Scientific Advisory Board

  Carlos A.  Ávila, PhD, Colombia
Universidad de los Andes
Professor of Physics and Engineering.
  Gustavo Burdman, PhD, Argentina
University of Sao Paulo Physics Institute
Professor of Physics and Mathematics.
Hilda Colón Plumey, PhD, Puerto Rico
Arecibo Observatory
Special Assistant to the President of the Ana G Mendez University System.
  Angel E. García, PhD, Puerto Rico
Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
Professor of Physics, Bio-computation and Bioinformatics.
  Salman Habib, PhD, India
Argonne National Laboratory
Member of the High Energy Physics and Mathematics and Computer Science Divisions.
  Vicky Kalogera, PhD, Greece
Astrophysics, Northwestern University
CIERA Director.
  Chia-Ming Kuo, PhD, Taiwan
Exp. Particle Physics
Leader of National Central University Physics Group.
  Clara Matteuzzi, PhD, Italy
University of Milan
Professor of Physics, Research Director at INFN.
  Ewa Rondio, PhD, Poland
Director of Sultan Institute
Former CERN Associate Director.
  Andris Skuja, PhD, Canada
University of Maryland
Experimental Physics.
  Sara Solla, PhD, Argentina
Northwestern University
Complex Systems and Neural-Networks
Feinberg School of Medicine and Department, Physics, and Astronomy.
  Daniel L. Stein, PhD, USA
New York University
Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Served as the NYU Dean of Science from 2006-2012.
  Matias Zaldarriaga, PhD, Argentina
Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies.