Principal Investigator

Sadie Wignall

Postdoctoral Fellows

Rachel Kadzik

Actin cytoskeleton dynamics in
early development

Graduate Students

Hannah Horton

Functional role of outer ring
components in oocyte meiosis

Emily Czajkowski

Regulation of chromosome segregation
in mouse oocyte meiosis

Gabe Cavin

First steps in the formation of
the acentrosomal meiotic spindle

Ian Wolff

Role of microtubule associated proteins
in acentrosomal spindle assembly


Nikita Divekar

Structure and function of the mid-bivalent
ring complex in oocyte meiosis

Technical Staff

Jeremy Hollis

Effects of DNA structure and recombination
on chromosome segregation

Undergraduate Students

Nilda Lopez


Lab Alumni and Current Positions

Graduate Students

Tim Mullen (2013-2019). Postdoc in the Amon Lab, MIT
Carissa Heath
(2013-2019). Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC) Entrepeneurial Fellow, Northwestern.
Amanda Davis-Roca (2013-2018). Postdoc in the Biggins Lab, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Keila Torre-Santiago (2012-2018). Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Technical Staff and Managers

Michael Tran (2011-2016). Graduate student in the Feldman Lab, Stanford University
Chrissy Muscat (2011-2015). Sales specialist with Thermo Fisher Scientific

Undergraduate Researchers

Rachel Ng ’17. Postbac at the National Institutes of Health
Zach Rubnitz ’17. Medical student at University of Tennessee
Ellie Flaum ’17. Graduate student at Harvard University
Bohan Xing ’15.
Erica Jepsen ’15.
Tanvi Subramanian ’15.
Thomas Bielawiec ’14.
Michael Tran ’13. Graduate student at Stanford University