Wignall Lab News Feed

September 2019

A big year for the Wignall lab at the annual graduate program retreat- Gabe received the coveted Neil Welker Excellence in Teaching award, and Nikita gave an insightful retreat talk.

The lab welcomes Juhi Narula as our fall rotation student.

August 2019

The Wignall lab joins Twitter.

July 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Heath on an impressive public thesis defense. We can’t wait to see what amazing work you’ll do next!

The Wignall and Lackner labs have a joint celebration for tenure announcements. Great work, Associate Professors!

June 2019

We congratulate Gabe Cavin and Hannah Horton on passing their qualifying exams and officially advancing to Ph.D. candidacy. We’ve got some champion researchers in the lab!

The lab is ecstatic to welcome Emily Czajkowski as our newest graduate student!

32 pounds of limes were harmed in the making of the lab’s annual Margarita Party.

May 2019

Dr. Wignall is officially awarded tenure by Northwestern. FANTASTIC NEWS!

Ian eloquently speaks about his work at the annual Chicago Area Worm Meeting (ChAWM), and Rachel and Nikita present insightful posters.

April 2019

The lab welcomes Karlin Compton as our spring rotation student.

A rousing congratulations to Dr. Carissa Heath who, in addition to having written the Wignall lab’s latest accepted paper and introducing a new model system to the lab, has successfully defended her thesis. We couldn’t be more ecstatic!

March 2019

We wish Tim well on his last day as he moves on to the Amon Lab at MIT. We’ll miss you dearly!

January 2019

Nikita begins an internship with Northwestern’s Innovations and New Ventures office. Busy busy!

A big round of applause to Dr. Timothy Mullen, Ph.D. for successfully defending his thesis and graduating from the lab, additionally receiving the outstanding thesis award. Powerful stuff indeed, Tim!

The lab welcomes Emily Czajkowski as our winter rotation student.

We celebrate the holidays a bit later this year with our annual holiday party.

December 2018

The lab attends the annual American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) meeting. Tim, Ian, Nikita, Carissa and Jeremy present their research.

October 2018

The lab dresses as the cast of Bojack Horseman for Halloween, achieving the coveted Best Lab Costume prize.

September 2018

Sadie gives an excellent keynote address at the September Chicago Cytoskeleton meeting.

Tim and Sadie are awarded the prestigious annual PLOS Genetics research prize for their outstanding work on microtubule organization! Read about it here.

Congratulations to Amanda, Nikita, and our former undergraduate student Rachel on publishing their work on SUMO remodeling in meiosis.

A hearty congratulations to our new graduate student Gabe on his acceptance into the Carcinogenesis Training Program, sponsored by the NIH!

August 2018

The lab celebrates Amanda’s last day, and wishes her the best as she moves on to The Biggins Lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle for her postdoctoral work.

Dr. Amanda Davis-Roca successfully defends her thesis and is awarded her Ph.D, also garnering a distinguished thesis recognition. Congratulations, Doc!

Hannah, one of our newest graduate students, is accepted into and funded by the Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease training program. We’re overjoyed!

The lab’s annual retreat takes us to the international horse racetrack in Arlington Heights.

June 2018

The lab welcomes two new graduate students, Gabriel Cavin and Hannah Horton. Glad to have you on board!

Ian presents his work at the Northwestern Center for Reproductive Science’s (CRS) annual summit, and is awarded best presentation.

May 2018

Ian represents the Wignall lab well at the EMBL Microtubules conference.

Sadie’s career and research is highlighted in an ASCB post, and the lab couldn’t be more proud!

The Wignall lab attends the first annual Chicago Area Worm Meeting (ChAWM), at which Amanda gives an excellent presentation and Nikita a superb poster.

April 2018

The lab celebrates its 7th-year anniversary on April 1st.

We welcome Brett Wisniewski as a rotation student for the spring quarter!

Amanda and Carissa sing as part of the annual NU Keynotes spring a Capella concert. Beautiful!

After presenting an exceptional poster, Nikita gives an invited talk at the Chicago Cytoskeleton meeting.

February 2018

The lab welcomes Rachel Kadzik, our first postdoctoral researcher, from Sabine Petry’s lab at Princeton. Glad to have you on board!

January 2018

We welcome Gabriel Cavin as a rotation student for the winter quarter.

The lab is awarded an R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

December 2017

The Wignall lab attends the annual meeting for the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), this year in Philadelphia. A special shout-out to Tim and Carissa, who presented their work in symposia talks.

September 2017

The Wignall Lab welcomes a new rotation student, Hannah, for the fall quarter. Welcome Hannah!

Congrats to Tim for publishing his work on spindle microtubule bundling, and for a powerful presentation at the Northwestern Center for Reproductive Sciences seminar.

Amanda is awarded the Rappaport award for Research Excellence and presents her work to the department.

August 2017

Sadie presents the lab’s work for an invited seminar at the EMBO conference in Croatia. Way to represent!

June 2017

Nikita passes her qualifying exam, making her officially a Ph.D. candidate. Congrats Nikita!

Amanda presents her recent work on error detection in C. elegans oocytes at the Northwestern University Center for Reproductive Science’s 2017 summit. Way to go!

Ian skillfully presents his work at the Northwestern University Biophysics Symposium. Great Work!

The Wignall lab’s exceptional undergraduate researchers Rachel, Zach, and Ellie graduate with the Northwestern University class of 2017, and the lab wishes them well as they pursue their respective goals. Keep in touch!

May 2017

Sadie receives the coveted Distinguished Teaching Award from the Northwestern Molecular Biosciences department!

The lab hosts its annual universally-acclaimed Margarita party.

April 2017

Tim eloquently presents his work on acentriolar spindle assembly at the Chicago Cytoskeleton symposium. A true star!

March 2017

Amanda publishes her work on error-sensing in meiosis. Congrats!

January 2017

Nicholas Sepulveda joins the Wignall lab as a rotation student. Welcome Nicholas!

Ee Phie Tan joins the lab as a visiting scholar from the Slawson lab at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Welcome Ee Phie!

December 2016

Congratulations to Ian on receiving the American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship!

Carissa, Ian, Tim, Amanda, Nikita, and Sadie attend the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) annual conference, this year in San Francisco.

August 2016

Congrats to Ian, Tim, and Mike on publishing the Wignall lab’s latest paper.

Michael leaves the lab to start graduate school at Stanford University.

Jeremy Hollis joins the lab as the new lab technician!

June 2016

Nikita Divekar joins the Wignall Lab as our newest graduate student!

The lab receives funding from The March of Dimes & The Chicago Biomedical Consortium’s Catalyst Grant

Keila passes her Thesis Defense!

May 2016

Let’s party! The Wignall Lab hosts its annual Margarita Party.

March 2016

Michael will begin graduate school in the fall at Stanford University. Congratulations!

September 2015

We are sad to see Chrissy leave the lab for a job in sales. We wish her the best of luck.

July 2015

The Wignall Lab participated in the 2015 Northwestern Wormlypics and took home First Prize!

June 2015

We are pleased to welcome our four new undergraduates! Ellie Flaum, Rachel Ng, and Maria Kaufman each received an Undergraduate Research Grant from Northwestern. Zach Rubnitz received the Program in Biological Sciences Grant.

We say goodbye to our undergraduates Bohan Xing, Erica Jepsen, and Tanvi Subramanian. Congrats on graduating and we wish them the best of luck.

May 2015

The Wignall Lab hosts its third Margarita Party.

Congratulations to Chrissy, Keila, and Mike on publishing the Wignall Lab’s first paper: Kinetochore-independent chromosome segregation driven by lateral microtubule bundles (eLife).

Ian passes his qualifying exam. Good for him!

April 2015

Our very own Amanda Davis married Antonio Roca in Arizona. Congratulations!

February 2015

The Wignall Lab participates in the Northwestern University Biology Investigations in Reproduction & Development (NU-BIRD) event for the second time.

December 2014

Sadie, Tim, Amanda, Ian, and Carissa attend the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) annual meeting in Philadelphia.

The Wignall Lab celebrates with its Annual Holiday Party!

October 2014

The Wignall Lab contributes to ASCB’s “We are Research” campaign to bring attention to the need for more science funding. Photo.

September 2014

The Wignall Lab holds its first in-house scientific retreat and then celebrates with a boat cruise in Chicago.

August 2014

The Wignall Lab participates in the Second Annual “Wormlympics” with the Andersen, Morimoto, and Petersen Labs.

July 2014

Carissa passes her qualifying exam!

Ian is appointed as a trainee of the Molecular Biophysics Training Program.

June 2014

Tim passes his qualifying exam and is appointed as a trainee of the Carcinogenesis Training Program.

Tom graduates with a B.A. in Genetics & Molecular Biology.

Bohan and Erica receive Undergraduate Research Grants (URG) for Summer 2014.

Ian returns to the lab, this time as a graduate student.

May 2014

Amanda passes her qualifying exam!

April 2014

Amanda is awarded the Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Grant from the NSF.

Chrissy Muscat and Keila Torre-Santiago are awarded the Constance Campbell Research Award at the 33rd Minisymposium on Reproductive Biology

February 2014

Carissa is appointed as a trainee on the Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease (CMBD) Training Grant.

The Wignall Lab participates in a Northwestern University Biology Investigations in Reproduction & Development (NU-BIRD) event for the first time. NU-BIRD is a program co-sponsored by the Center for Reproductive Sciences and is a chance for local High School students to explore university labs.

December 2013

Sadie, Keila, Tim, Amanda, Ian and Carissa attend ASCB (American Society for Cell Biology) annual meeting in New Orleans.

The Wignall Lab celebrates with its annual holiday party!

October 2013

Chrissy runs the Chicago Marathon.

August 2013

The Wignall Lab participates in the First Annual “Wormlympics” with the Andersen and Morimoto labs.

July 2013

Amanda is appointed as a trainee of the Molecular Biophysics Training Program.

Sadie’s son, Ari, was born on July 4th!

June 2013

We are thrilled to welcome three fantastic graduate students to the lab – Amanda, Tim, and Carissa!
despicable_me_2_minions-smallMike graduates with honors in Biology and also receives the David Shemin Prize for Undergraduate Research.
Tom receives the Weinberg Summer Grant and Bohan receives the Program in Biological Sciences Summer Grant.

April 2013

The Wignall lab hosts its second margarita party!

February 2013

Sadie was awarded a Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Award from the March of Dimes.


November 2012

Sadie was awarded a Runyon- Rachleff Innovation Award from the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation.


October 2012

Sadie was awarded a V Scholar Award by the V-foundation for Cancer Research.


Keila passed her qualifying exam and ran the Chicago Marathon!

September 2012

Sadie was awarded a Basic Research Grant for Assistant Professors from the American Cancer Society Illinois Division.


The Wignall lab hosts its first margarita party!

June 2012

Mike received the Undergraduate Research Grant (URG) for Summer 2012.

The lab celebrated our one year anniversary (or as we like to say, “labiversary”) with a trip to Molly’s cupcakes and the Lincoln Park Zoo

May 2012

We welcomed our first graduate student, Keila Torre-Santiago, to the lab.

January 2012

The lab was awarded its first grant!! Sadie was awarded an Internal Research Grant from the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University.

Robert_H_LurieJuly 2011

The first members join the lab. Chrissy Muscat joined as a Research Technician/Lab Manager followed by Michael Tran, our first undergraduate student and baker extraordinaire. Ian Wolff joined as a Research Technician later in the month. July was a big month for the Wignall lab!!

Lab Founded- April 1, 2011and that’s no joke.