Research Interests

I’m interested broadly in the intersection of conscious and unconscious mental processes. My specific research targets two of these intersections. In one line of work I am examining people’s ability to have an intuition that a problem or puzzle has a solution, without consciously knowing the exact answer. I want to understand the underlying mechanisms of this effect and determine ways that this sensitivity can be enhanced. In a second line of research I am interested in problem solving where the solution seems to pop into one’s mind without consciously thinking about it known as ‘insight’ or the ‘aha experience’. I am specifically examining the beneficial role that sleep plays in this process.

Selected Work

Grunewald, K., Beeman, M. (2015, November). The Role of Feedback in Intuition. Poster presented at the 56th Annual meeting of the Psychonomics Society, Chicago, IL.

Grunewald, K., Beeman, M. (2014, November). Mechanisms of intuition. Poster presented at the 55th Annual meeting of the Psychonomics Society, Long Beach, CA.


Reading, crafting, and ballroom dancing.

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