Research Interests

I’m interested in studying the neural mechanisms underlying Insight problem solving and creativity: how an idea is born, emerges, and develops in our mind. My research specializes in:

-The role played by motivational factors (e.g., risk, reward and the dopamine system) in creativity and insight problem solving.

-The role of the right anterior temporal lobe in semantic integration

-The involvement of the vision-system in Insight problem solving. “People often report having their best creative ideas while they are shutting their eyes, looking at a white wall, or out the window.” My research focuses on understanding what are the attentive correlates of this modulation.-

-The feeling of certainty that accompanying creative ideas. My research investigates if it actually corresponds to an increased accuracy in people’s responses, and how that certainty relates to motivation and risk taking in pursuit of ideas. My work includes also the first Italian validation of the Compound Remote Associates problems and the Rebus Puzzles, enabling researchers to investigate Insight problem solving among Italian speakers.

-The effects of non-Invasive Brain Stimulation on creativity and insight problem solving.


Selected Works

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(“Aha! I got it” What happens in our brain when we have an insight).

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