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I Annual Conference (2018)

Opening Remarks: 9:00–9:30am


Morning Session: 9:45–11:15am

American Political Development
Discussant: Ruth Bloch Rubin
Guild Lounge
  • Johnnie Lotesta: “Rightward in the Rustbelt: How Business Took Over the GOP and Ousted Organized Labor, 1971-2012”
  • Maureen Heffern Ponicki: “Deindustrialization in America’s Rust Belt: Do Governing Coalitions Build Urban Resiliency in the Case of Buffalo, NY and Pittsburgh, PA”
  • Alexandra Fillindra & Noah Kaplan: “The Role of Racial Prejudice in the Assault Against Government Institutions”
  • Jae Wan Ahn: “Institutional and Human Capital Resources Behind Developments in Post-INdustrial American Cities”
War and State-Building
Discussant: Robert Braun
Parkes Hall 222
  • Maryam Alemzadeh: “Wars That Make Shadow States: The 1980 Kurdish Conflict and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Rise to Prominence”
  • Luis Schenoni: “State Formation in Latin America: Bringing War Back In”
  • Nuannuan Xiang: “World War I and the Rise of the British Labor Party”
  • Kevin Weng & Ramzy Mardini: “Top-Down Co-Optation or Bottom-Up Infiltration? Consolidating Militias in Weak States”
Discussant: Ann Shola Orloff
Scott Hall 028
  • Lim Halimatusadiyah: “‘Big Bang’ Approach to Decentralization: Maternal Mortality Disparities in Southeast Asia”
  • Mariana Castrellon: “The De Facto Marital Union in Colombia. A Historical Analysis of its Legal Regulation and the Role of the Women’s Movement: Did Cohabitating Women Matter?
  • Jack Gin Gary Lee: “Protecting Soldiers and Morals? Legal Transformation and the Making of Gendered Sovereignty”
Religion and Politics
Discussant: Rachel Riedl
Scott Hall 107
  • Maayan Mor: “How States Make Social Cleavages: Anti-Catholic Legislation and the Rise of the Political Catholicism in Prussia”
  • Dawid Tatarczyk: “The Catholic Church and Its Impact on Public Policy in Consolidated Democracies: A Fuzzy Set QCA”
  • Hanisah Binte Abdullah: “From Traditional Rule to Professional Experts: The Growth of New Religious Elites in British Malaya”
  • Mark Denninghoff: “Purchasing Patronage: Party Assignments, Personalistic Politics, and Religious Retrenchment in Utah Territory, 1891-1896”

Lunch: 11:30am–12:45pm


Afternoon Session 1: 1:00–2:30pm

Theory and Methodology
Discussant: Lis Clemens
Guild Lounge
  • Ali Meher: “Reading the Postcolonial Archive: The 1953 Lahore Riots Through Court Records”
  • Juan Delgado: “Diffusion, Causality, and the Galton’s Problem in Comparative Historical Sociology”
  • Anna Skarpelis: “Archival Bodies: Epistemology and Historical Comparative Research”
  • Jim Mahoney: “Conceptualizing and Explaining Punctuated versus Incremental Change”
Empire and Institutions
Discussant: Atef Said
Parkes Hall 222
  • Lachlan McNamee: “Colonialism, Path Dependency, and Racial Formation in the Americas”
  • Zachary Smith: “Colonial Accumulation: Identities, Institutions, and Ideologies in Settler Societies”
  • Laura Garcia: “Divide-and-Rule? Separating Wheat from Chaff with Evidence from Colonial South Asia”
  • Fahad Sajid: “Colombia: A History of High and Persistent Economic Inequality”
States and Legal Institutions
Discussants: Jordan Gans-More and Natalia Forrat
Scott Hall 028
  • William Sadleir: “Accessing Justice: Georgian Criminal Law on the Eve of Russian Annexation”
  • Giorleny Altamirano Rayo: “State Interests and Implementation of Ethnic Land Rights in Latin America”
  • Calvin TerBeek: “Restoration and Ruination: The Political Development of Originalism, 1977-1988”
How States Rule
Discussant: Martha Wilfahrt
Scott Hall 107
  • Chao-yo Cheng: “Autonomy in Autocracy: The Politics of Autotnomoys Territories in Post-1949 China”
  • Vinícius Justo: “Creating New Subnational Units: Determinants and Processes”
  • Yoes Kenawas: “The Institutional Foundations of Subnational Dynasitc Politics in Indonesia”

Afternoon Session 2: 2:45–4:15pm

Making Wars and Ending Wars
Discussants: Ana Arjona and Dan Krcmaric
Guild Lounge
  • Yana Mommadova: “We Will Force You to Be Free: Precarious Work, Cultural Resentment and Reactionary Politics”
  • Michael Soto & Joachim Savelsberg: “Associational Groups, Memories, and Transitions to Peace from Northern Ireland to Colombia”
  • Jorge Ivan Puma Crespo: “From the Masses, to the Masses: The Reception of Mao Tse Tung Thought in Latin America”
  • Laura Acosta Gonzalez: “Victimhood, Imagined or Reality? A Study of the Mechanisms of Violence that Shaped Colombian Citizens’ Attitudes Toward Peace”
States and Development
Discussant: Monica Prasad:
Buffett Institute,
Conference Room
  • Masoud Movahed “Shielded from Neoliberal Strictures: Oil, State and the Rise of Auto Industry in Iran”
  • Luiz Vilaca & Erin McDonnell: “Moving Actors Across Pockets of Effectiveness: The Diffusion of State Capacity in Brazil”
  • Xuefei Ren: “Governing the Informal in Globalizing Cities: China, India, and Brazil
Immigration and Ethnic Politics
Discussant: Rana Khoury
Scott Hall 028
  • Chris Dopuch: “Holding Culture Close? How Immigration Facilitates the Rise of the European Right”
  • Soumyajit Mazumder: “Becoming White: How Mass Warfare Turned Immigrants into Americans”
  • Tom Cragg: “Using Pierre Bordieu’s Concept of Hysteresis to Understand Political Conflict Between Detroit’s Native-Born and Foreign-Born Settlers, 1850-1875”
  • Joshua Stern: “‘Just Pawns of Tito’: The Propagandizing of Refugee Children During the Greek Civil War”
Asian Politics
Discussant: Irene Pang
Scott Hall 107
  • Lui Jignan: “Economic, Political, and Cultural Causes of Ethnic Conflicts: An Empirical Contemplation about Minority Group Protest and Rebellion in China”
  • Aviral Pathak: “The Nation Must Be Created: Liberalism and Individual Freedom in Post-Independence India”
  • Anjali Anand: “Becoming the Perpetual Polity”

Keynote: 4:30–5:30pm

For more information, please visit the webpage of the I Annual Chicago Area Comparative Historical Social Science Conference (2018).

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