Senior Discovers Passion at CFS Internship

Name: Jimmy Kellock

Year: Senior

Major: Economics & Learning and Organizational Change

Minor: Psychology

CFS Class: Humanities

Employer: Healthbox

This past fall, I realized I could fulfill my final distribution requirement through CFS’ Humanities class and a part-time internship. Given my indecision about post-graduate life, I thought this was a perfect opportunity for me to get one more work experience to help me figure out what to do next. When I set out on this process, I couldn’t have imagined how much a 1-credit, 12 hour/week internship would shape my future.

The CFS team provides a remarkable level of support to students in securing an internship. They are so committed to their students’ success. After being offered spots at a few companies, I decided to join Healthbox, a small, healthcare-focused consulting and venture firm.

I quickly fell in love with the mission and the people at Healthbox. Healthbox is a company full of brilliant, driven young people determined to foster innovation in healthcare. The company works with hospital systems, insurers, and other firms beginning to dabble in healthcare with the goal of building innovation capabilities, helping leaders address challenges and solve problems, and helping organizations scale their solutions. Healthbox is small, but mighty. All 15 people are committed to “empower the reinvention of healthcare.” They are seen as experts and leaders in the industry, writing reports, hosting webinars, and speaking at conferences around the world.

While my limited capacity at Healthbox prevented a deep-dive into any one project, I have been supporting the team members with ad-hoc work. This has allowed me to learn a great deal about Healthbox’s work, their competitors, and the industry as a whole. When I don’t have an assigned project, I read through all the “good reads” the team members post in the company slack channel, providing me exposure to the articles, reports, and studies that are salient to Healthbox. This experience has been invaluable to understanding the crazy world of Healthcare and the seismic shift the field is beginning to experience.

Because of my CFS experience, I’ve found a new passion that led me to apply for consulting roles at some of the biggest firms. I applied to some generalist roles, but any healthcare-specific role was especially appealing to me. When the dust settled, I accepted an offer to join PwC Strategy& in the Healthcare industry. This wouldn’t have been possible without Healthbox, which sparked my curiosity and made me a more competitive applicant. I couldn’t be more grateful for my colleagues at Healthbox and the CFS team. They have changed my life for the better.