Interning During a Major Company Reorganization

Name: Emily McHugh

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Employer: Brinks Home Security

This quarter I interned at Brinks Home Security. My job consisted of analyzing data, which basically meant I was working with Excel to create different reports for the company on a daily basis. One thing that happened this summer that was incredibly interesting to be involved with, was the company declared chapter 11 bankruptcy. Although I was originally worried upon hearing the news, I quickly learned that chapter 11 bankruptcy is not anything to be worried about, as it is often considered reorganization bankruptcy. It was incredibly interesting to be at Brinks Home Security during this time of reorganization. One of the main steps to reorganize the company was a change in the Chief Marketing Officer. I worked closely with sales and marketing numbers so I was very familiar with the CMO. So far with the work I’ve seen, the new CMO is really helping restructure the company. I am really excited about the changes the CMO is beginning to implement and I hope I can help contribute to this restructuring of the company with my last few weeks. Another change Brinks Home Security is implementing as a part of their restructuring process is increasing the number of sales representatives. I see this directly as the Chicago office is beginning a training class of new sales representative this coming week. I get to see firsthand the training process for sales representatives and understand the process of training. Although I am often just sitting behind my desk creating reports in Excel, it is still incredibly interesting to first-hand experience a company’s restructuring process. I really get to understand the problems and mistakes a company has made, and given the chance to restructure and fix their mistakes, how the company goes about their improvements.