Aneesha Invested her Quarter in Investment Banking


Name: Aneesha Pidara

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

Minor(s): Business Institutions, Computer Science

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Employer: Piper Jaffray

This winter I have been grateful to learn about investment banking through my internship at Piper Jaffray. I really enjoyed diving into Debt Capital Markets and understanding what it means to invest in debt. In terms of my daily work, I spend time on calls with senior management, clients, and lenders to learn about the debt raising process and what the debt structure looks like. I also spend time reviewing leverage models and revising confidential information memorandums that are sent to clients. In addition to working with the DCM team, I have gotten some exposure to the Consumer M&A team’s work in the office which has helped me better understand the differences between product groups in investment banking. Through my time at Piper, there are a few lessons that I have learned. First, I learned that interns are expected to ask a lot of questions. In my first few weeks, I was hesitant to ask questions for fear of sounding unintelligent, but I quickly realized how engaged my team was with my learning experience. Second, I found that an important aspect of learning is getting to know the people in the office, even if they are not your direct supervisors. I noticed that some of the most interesting and inspiring stories were from people who I do not directly work with. I expect to take away more ideas and lessons as my internship continues. Overall, I have had a very enjoyable experience at Piper Jaffray and I look forward to the coming weeks.