Mixing Finance with the Humanities


Name: Henry

Year: Senior

Major: Economics

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

Employer: NextGen Growth Partners

This past winter I had the opportunity to pair an internship at NextGen Growth Partners with the Field Studies in Humanities CFS class. The result was an invaluable experience that will stay with me long into my professional career.

My internship at NextGen was an incredibly enriching experience, both for the opportunity to reinforce methods of financial analysis and for the many connections made with colleagues from a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds. The responsibilities afforded to me at NGP allowed for a complete exposure to the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition model as well as the structure of a traditional private equity fund with committed capital, both business models rarely accessed by undergraduates. At NGP I was able to involve myself in all stages of both the proprietary and brokered deal flow from the industry ideation stage to the preparation of IOIs. From producing comprehensive industry-specific investment thesis identifying niches that matched NextGen’s investment criteria to screening investment memoranda and completing financial modelling courses, every stage of my internship at NextGen was both enjoyable and immensely educational.

I can’t speak highly enough about the Field Studies in Humanities class, particularly for someone coming from an economics or finance related major who may not have had the opportunity to take a discussion-oriented seminar class in a long time. The three hours of CFS class became some of the most enjoyable and valuable of my week. The discussions facilitated by my instructor and maintained by the other students from a complete spectrum of majors will stay with me long into my career. As a senior, it was the perfect way to cap off my experience at Northwestern and enter the workplace with a clear understanding of what I want from my professional life. I can wholeheartedly recommend both the internship opportunity at NextGen and the CFS program to all that are interested.