Jalil at NextGen Growth Parnters


Name: Jalil

Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): Business Institutions

CFS Program: Business Field Studies

My internship search experience was a very informative experience that developed my preferences in terms of what I want in an employer and an internship experience. Before actually beginning my search for a CFS internship, I was mostly interested in being hired by a big firm with a well-known name. But after reading up on other students’ experiences, I began to slowly realize that I am willing to sacrifice a salary and a large brand-name firm for a highly educational experience.

I have found my internship experience ideal. The firm is heavily invested in getting the most out of me while exposing me to various parts of the business and putting me through in-house lessons of financial modeling. I am very grateful to be getting this experience, I feel that it really sets me apart and equips me with applicable tools that I can offer to future employers.