Current CFS Student Stephanie Discusses Her Overall Experience

Name: StephanieStephanie Kuyah Blog post photo


Major: Industrial Engineering

CFS Concentration: Business Field Studies

I remember listening to my friends talk about how CFS was such an amazing experience and me thinking to myself that I’ll one day consider joining the CFS program in hopes of having a similarly great experience. Well, the chance to be a part of CFS came earlier than I expected and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am one of the few sophomores participating in the Spring 2014 CFS program and the knowledge and skills I have gained thus far have been tremendous.

I am currently pursuing an Industrial Engineering degree and hold a financial planning internship at The Next Level Planning Group- a company under the umbrella of Lincoln Financial Advisors. As an intern, I assist in preparing investments and/or insurance presentation and representation, organizing data, research pertaining to financial products, portfolio management processes, financial planning models, and marketing and filing systems for client data. This opportunity has really exposed me to the financial world. Moreover, it has been really interesting to use my engineering knowledge in financial problem-solving. This would not have been possible without the help of CFS which enabled me to work full-time. Also as part of the CFS program we have a weekly three-hour class where we talk about issues affecting the workplace and relate our individual experiences with other students. This class has helped greatly in internalizing our experiences. All in all, this will definitely be one of my greatest quarters here at NU!