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In an effort to be transparent with the ASAG community, we want to share our budget for 2019-20:

Total ASAG budget: $4,600

  • Evanston monthly programs: $3,000
  • Chicago programs: $1,200
  • Collaborations and partnerships: $600
  • Marketing: $0
  • Quarterly outings: $0


Here is a preview of what we have been working on for 2019-20:

  • Monthly Luncheons
    We will continue our monthly ASAG gatherings over lunch as a space to build community and explore issues impacting us as APIDA staff members.
  • Chicago Programming
    We understand there is a strong need and desire for more ASAG programming on the Chicago campus. Our Chicago Liaison, Jeevan Topgi, will be sending a survey to our Chicago ASAG members to get your input and feedback on what type of programming you’d like to see. Please keep an eye out for that survey link and share your thoughts!
  • Quarterly Outings
    While we will continue to plan opportunities for ASAG members to connect with the Chicago APIDA community and meet up off-campus, our limited budget means we’ll either be looking for free events or may ask participants to pay their own way.


We’re also thinking of new, low-/no-cost opportunities to build community among ASAG members.

  • ASAG Quarterly Cousins
    In order to support relationship-building and connection outside of our monthly luncheons, we are introducing ASAG Quarterly Cousins! You will be matched with another member of ASAG and we encourage you to meet quarterly for coffee, a drink, etc. to build those relationships.
  • ASAG Discussion Series
    This year, we’ll be launching a brown-bag lunchtime discussion series to delve more deeply into APIDA issues by discussing articles, books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, etc. relevant to the APIDA experience.
  • ASAG Teams Channel
    We’ll be creating a Teams channel accessible to all ASAG members that can be used as a casual space to connect and keep in touch, and for everyone to share events, opportunities, articles, etc. Invites coming soon!

Last updated January 2020.