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Dr. Onnie Rogers' public scholarship addresses racial inequalities in the United States

Dr. Rogers’ research helps explain issues at the center of the debate about racial inequalities the United States. She has found that many White parents do not discuss racism with their kids, and the idea of color blindness which masks structural inequalities and prejudice is the dominant frame used when they do talk about race. She has also written an article about the important role of hair in the lives of Black girls. Dr Rogers’ essays were published in The Hill, on TED Ideas, CNN Health, The Conversation, and The Medium

Congratulations to Josiah Rosario!

Congratulations to Josiah Rosario (a PhD candidate in Social Psychology), who got an Honorable Mention to the Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship, was awarded a grant by the Dispute Resolution Research Center at Kellogg to study the work on the sociopolitical climate, and has successfully defended his Master’s Thesis!

Dr. Ursula Moffitt awarded NSF Grant!

Congratulations to our postdoctoral scholar, Dr. Ursula Moffitt! She has been awarded a National Science Foundation Broadening Participation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship where she will be conducting a research project titled “Politics, Activism, and Identity”!

University of Washington: Jason Schwartz and Kara Dastrup are off to graduate school!

Some big news for two of our DICErs – research assistant Jason Schwartz and lab manager Kara Dastrup have both been accepted to graduate school at the University of Washington this fall!

Jason will be earning his PhD/EdS in School Psychology and Kara will be earning her PhD in Clinical Psychology. Congratulations Kara and Jason! We will miss you!

"My hair is bomb": Black Girls' Identities and Resistance

Dr. Rogers was invited to write a piece for Medium’s new blog series on our “Black girl magic” study, and wrote about the hair analysis. It has been featured in the latest post: “My hair is bomb”: Black Girls’ Identities and Resistance. 

Congratulations Dr. Rogers!

Imani Minor named Undergraduate Scholar for SRA Conference

Our very own Imani Minor was named Undergraduate Scholar for the SRA Conference! She will be flown out to attend the conference (where she is also presenting!), and will receive amazing mentorship and training opportunities. Congratulations Imani!

'50 Years of Women' at IPR

Dr. Rogers was recognized as one of the Institute of Policy Research (IPR) researchers that have pioneered vital research on women’s issues and gender roles. Read the rest of the article here!

ARCC Grant awarded to Dr. Rogers and Gloria Dotson Lewis

We are thrilled to announce that the ARCC Seed Grant was awarded to Gloria Dotson-Lewis, founder of Distinctively Me, and Dr. Rogers for their project: (Re) Building the Foundation of Black Girlhood: A Partnership to Promote Black Girls’ Socio-Emotional and Cultural Development

New Publication!

Dr. Rogers’ article  “Ideology and Identity Among White Male Teachers in an All-Black, All-Male High School” was recently published to The American Educational Research Journal. Congratulations, Dr. Rogers! For more, click on “Read More” below.

New Publication!

Dr. Rogers’ article “Commentary on Economic Inequality: “What” and “Who” Constitutes Research on Social Inequality in Developmental Science?” was recently published to Developmental Psychology. Congratulations, Dr. Rogers! For more, click on “Read More” below.

Northwestern Magazine Feature

We are so excited to announce that NU’s Global Marketing and Communications team has published a story about our research and the DICE team in Northwestern Magazine! You can read about the feature on Confronting Stereotypes here, and click here to view a video montage about our lab and the #BlackGirlMagic project! For more, click on “Read More” below!

New Publication!

Dr. Rogers’ article, “Reimagining social and emotional development: Accommodation and resistance to dominant ideologies in the identities and friendships of boys of color” was recently published to Human Development. Congratulations, Dr. Rogers! For more, click on “Read More” below!


New Publication!

Dr. Rogers’ article, “I’m Kind of a Feminist”: Using Master Narratives to Analyze Gender Identity in middle Childhood” was recently published to Child Development. Northwestern University posted a brief on the article, which analyses the ways children’s gender narrative reinforce or disrupt gender inequality  Congratulations Dr. Rogers! For more, click on “Read More” below!



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The Development of Identities and Cultural Environments (DICE) lab conducts research on the development of identities and intersectionality among children and adolescents in diverse cultural environments. Our various projects explore research-related questions such as:

“How do children understand what it means to be White, to be a boy, to be a Black girl? How do adolescents make sense of racial and gender stereotypes, and can we help them to resist or challenge these stereotypes? What are the consequences of youth identities for their psychosocial outcomes and academic pathways?”

DICE is currently conducting multiple research projects that investigate identity development and intersectionality in school settings. Please, click below to learn more about current projects!


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The Development of Identities in Cultural Environments (DICE) lab is home to a diverse group of faculty members, graduate students, staff, and research assistants who bring prospect, collaboration, and leadership to Northwestern University’s campus in Evanston Illinois. We work together to help answer related-questions about the development of identities and intersectionality among children.

If you are interested in joining us for research opportunities with the DICE lab at Northwestern University in Evanston, please, fill out an inquiry here!

Dr. Onnie Rogers, Principal Investigator of the DICE lab, is a developmental psychologist and identity scholar whose research curiosities converge at the intersection of human development, diversity and equity, and education. Please, click below to read more about Dr. Rogers and the rest of the DICE lab team!


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If you are interested in joining us for research opportunities with the DICE lab at Northwestern University in Evanston, please, fill out an inquiry here!