Rozahnea Charles

Research Assistant 

Kara Dastrup

Kara was the Lab Manager at the DICE lab from August 2019-August 2020. She will be starting her PhD in CLinical Psychology at the University of Washington (PI: Dr. Corey Fagan) this fall. 

Cameryn Farrow

-2020; Research Assistant

Cameryn worked as a research assistant to complete her Honors Thesis here in the DICE Lab.

Christina Foo

August 2016- January 2020 

Austin Gardner
June – August 2017; Research Assistant
Austin is a research assistant at the Culture, Diversity and Inequality lab in Kellogg, and an Office Assistant for Northwestern Multicultural Student Affairs. He is currently a 2nd year student in the School of Education and Social Policy Studying Learning and Organizational change with a 2nd major in psychology and a minor in African American Studies.


Eliza Gonring
May 2018 – August 2018; Research Assistant

Shari Gordon
May 2019; Research Assistant

In Fall 2019, Shari will attend Boston University School of Medicine to pursue graduate studies in mental health counseling. Through the Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program, she will begin her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. 

Christina Hwang
March 2019-December 2019; Research Assistant


Suzannah Kingsbury

Suzannah was a research assistant during her time at Northwestern as a senior studying Human Development and Psychological Services with a minor in African American Studies.

Abigail Kutlas
January 2017 — June 2018; Research Assistant
Abbey is pursuing a master’s degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Sciences at Northwestern University. She also works as a Graduate Counselor in Northwestern’s Office of Undergraduate Admission, as well as facilitating weekend workshops about community development and philanthropy for high school students.

Helen Lu
June – August 2017; Research Assistant and Intern
Northwestern University in the School of Education and Social Policy studying Learning and Organizational Change with a double major in computer science.



EP Nelsen
August 2016 – May 2018; Graduate Student
EP was a graduate student and lead the iLit project at DICE! EP graduated with a Master of Arts in Psychology.



Kelsey Paula O’Donnell
January – August 2017;  Research Assistant and Lab Manager
Kelsey works at an after-school program at an elementary school located in Evanston with Y.O.U., and will attend Temple University in the Fall to pursue an Ed.S. degree in School Psychology



Olivia Quinn
June – August 2018; Research Assistant
Olivia is a research assistant in the Cognition and Development lab at Washington University in St. Louis. She is excited to work on a study in the lab investigating the development of optimism in children and exploring links between depressive symptoms and lack of optimism. Olivia is currently a sophomore and plans to major in Psychological and Brain Sciences.


Dayanara Padilla

Dayanara was a research assistant at DICE during her time as a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and HDPS (Human Development and Psychological Services).


Lily Sahaguian
October 2017 – August 2019; Lab Manager


Jason Schwartz

-August 2020; Research Assistant

Jason will be earning his PhD/EdS in School Psychology. He will be working with Dr. Janine Jones studying the effects of mindfulness-based programs for at-risk students. These programs are designed to enhance resilience for students that face implicit biases.


Sharon Wong
June  – August 2018; Research Assistant
Sharon is a Northwestern University student in the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences studying Neuroscience.


Xin Jin
August  – December 2018; Research Assistant
Xin is applying to graduate program across the U.S.