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The Constitutional Court has a wonderful art collection that boasts the works of dozens of leading South African artists. The artwork consists of about 200 works of art in a range of media – including tapestries, engravings, sculptures and paintings. The photos above represent a small sampling of the magnificent collection on display. Read more about the Constitutional Court art collection here.┬áDo you think the artwork has some connection to the Constitution? And, why?


Posted by Claire on

I love the variety in the types of art they have here! I love that there’s so many different ways that the art is made, like tapestries, paintings, sculptures and mosaics, all in one place. The second and third pieces made me think of pieces I’ve seen by the outdoor art walk (?) on McCormick Boulevard here in Evanston.

Posted by clairmont chung on

I know your article is about the art at the court and the number of South African Artists exhibited. All that is probably true except for the piece done by an artist from Guyana, Gary Thomas, and taken to the Court by the Lat Justice Albie Sachs. I shared my find with the artist and he asked I correct the ‘mistake’. Personally, It matters not to me. The people forcibly take out of Africa had no control over their destination nor the naming of the place of birth.×600.jpg

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