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Service Delivery Protests in Johannesburg

This week, the biggest story out of Johannesburg, South Africa has been the spate of violent service delivery protests from townships just south of the city. Residents from Eldorado Park, Ennerdale, and Iterileng are protesting their municipal governments for improved housing conditions, clean water, and electricity. For many residents their requests go to the fundamental precepts of democracy and basic human rights. After 23 years of democracy many South Africans argue that very little has changed in terms of living conditions for the very poor and that social inequality is one of the central issues challenging the growth of democracy today.


Posted by Jack on

It’s very interesting how little has changed in living conditions for the poor since the end of apartheid. It makes sense that changes are taking time but 23 years is a lot of time to not have much change. Its great that they are working to change this. – Jack

Posted by Leslie Alanis on

It’s amazing to see that not much has changed since apartheid. Although there has been some improvements there seems to still be a high rate of violence. -Leslie

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