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Graffiti Art in the City

Johannesburg is considered the graffiti capital of Africa. There is a tremendous amount of amazing graffiti art all across the central business district (CBD) of Johannesburg. The photos above were taken in the downtown arts district of Newtown. To learn more, check out this video on graffiti art in Johannesburg.


Posted by Jack on

They are all very different and colorful. I really like the one with the plant.

Posted by Quinn Sieja on

I love how each piece of art is so differently than the last. Some are so abstract, while others have a clear image. From my perspective i am lost as to what they represent or mean. I guess thats the beautify of graffiti, often times only the artist knows; otherwise its all up to interpretation.

Posted by Claire on

I love how different the pieces are & how colorful they are too! Were there other locations with graffiti in the city and/or was this the largest collection of graffiti in one place?

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