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A Trip To The Supermarket

A visit to a South African supermarket is pretty much the same experience you would have anywhere else in the world and for some people that can be an eye opening experience. As a shopper, you will find many of the same brands that you would have at your own local grocery.  For many, grocery shopping is a second nature activity. But, that is not true for all. South Africa has one of the highest levels of income inequality in the world. And, it is reported that there are over 12 million people living in extreme poverty and that represents 21.7% of the populace. It is estimated that in 2014 the food poverty line was R400 per capita per month. Read more here and here!


Posted by Jennifer Le on

It was interesting to see what a grocery store in South Africa looks like. I was surprised at how similar supermarkets in South Africa and supermarkets in the United States look. In the blog post it mentioned that there are over 12 million people living in poverty but the pictures of a supermarket makes it seem like South Africa is a first world country and not a developing country.

Posted by Sierra Blackwin on

This section is by far my favorite part of this site. It was really interesting for me to see all of the similarities and differences between South Africa and the USA. One thing I noticed was the difference between our currency and theirs. South Africa calls their currency Rands and during the skype call, Eric told our class that 13.22 South African dollars are equivalent to 1 US dollar.

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