Our interviews

Are you a native of Chicagoland interested in participating in our project? Here’s more information about a typical interview:

We do casual and free-flowing tape-recorded interviews typically lasting about an hour, followed by a few very short language-related activities. We can come pretty much anywhere that’s convenient for you, and we’ll find a date and time that works with your schedule, whether during business hours, in the evening, or during the weekend. One or two of us will meet with you for the interview. When you fill out our online form to participate, you’ll be contacted by one of our research team members to set up a time and place.

For the bulk of our time together, we’d like to hear about your life and experiences growing up, how your community has changed in your lifetime, how you think it compares to other areas of Chicago, and what observations and thoughts you have about accents and languages spoken across Chicagoland, the Midwest, and the U.S. more generally. We’ll have topics and questions prepared, but we’re most interested in the aspects of your life and and the perspectives that you think are most important to share with us. The interview portion will typically take from 45-90 minutes, all depending on how much you’d like to talk with us.

After the interview, we’ll also ask you to read aloud a short list of words that have distinctive pronunciations across the U.S., and we’ll ask you to participate in a simple listening task where you’ll hear words and categorize them. Altogether, these post-interview tasks take no more than 10 additional minutes.

Feel free to e-mail Annette for more information at donofrio@northwestern.edu , or sign up to participate here!