Team Photo

Yesterday was the busiest day here at CSBF for the BLAST team, so we decided to take a group photo of almost all the team. Not only the team was almost completed but also BLAST starts to be almost all mounted, we added the scoop and the readout system on the gondola. It was another great day for the team and we are making significant progress here.



The mirrors are on!!

After several days that Nate and I discussed about writing a blog and publishing more photos of our life in the high bay at CSBF, I finally found 10 minutes to do so. After 2 weeks we did a lot of progress, and I think that there is no better way to start our blog that publishing a time lapse of a critical day like today. We transfer liquid helium, so now Layla is cooling down to 4K, we installed the mirrors and for the first time we rotate them. It is a great achievement and everything went fine.

In the future, I will publish more photos than the one that you see on Instagram.