1. Role of explicit electrostatic interactions in molecular ligand dissociation from single binding sites
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  14. pre-prints (available on request)

    • Chromatin compaction state is a major determinant of nuclear blebbing and deformations
      Andrew D. Stephens et al.  (2017)
    • Non-Linear and Linear Friction of Polymer Brushes,
      A. Erbaş, E. Zhulina and M. Rubinstein (2017)
    • Loop polymers reduce friction by avoiding entanglement (2017)
      A. Erbas and J. Paturej
    • Interactions between amphiphilic molecules and polyelectrolyte gels
      H. Sai, D. Huang,  A. Erbas, M. O. de la Cruz, S. Stupp


  • PhD Thesis. Friction of Soft Matter at  the  Nano-Scale  (Roland R. Netz).
    Abstract: English, German, Turkish
  • MSc Thesis. Two Statistical Physics Problems: Phase Diagram Calculation of Spatially Anisotropic, Surfaced d= 3 Layered Systems by Renormalization-Group Theory and Vehicle-Route Optimization with Traffic Factors for Migros Home Delivery System by Simulated Annealing  (A. Nihat Berker).
    Abstract: English, Turkish
  • BSc Thesis. Heat Capacity of Hierarchical Ising Lattices   (A. Nihat Berker). Abstract: English, Turkish






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