12/2011,               Ph.D. in Physics, Technical University of Munich,  Germany

08/2007,               MSc in Physics, Koç University,  Turkey

06/2005,               BSc in Engineering Physics,  Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Training and Experience

01/2017-                       Postdoctoral Fellow with Monica Olvera de la Cruz and John F. MarkoNorthwestern University

01/2015-                        Researcher at the Center for Computation and Theory of Soft Matter (CCCTS), Northwestern U.

01/2014 –  07/2016    Postdoctoral Fellow with Monica Olvera de la Cruz, Material Sci. & Eng.,  Northwestern U.

11-12/2016                  Visiting scholar,  Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey

07/2014 – 07/2016     Researcher at the Center for Bio-inspired Energy Systems (CBES), Northwestern  U.

12/2011-01/2014       Postdoctoral Fellow with Michael Rubinstein, Chemistry, UNC at Chapel Hill

07/2007-12/2011      Ph.D. student  with Roland R. Netz, Physics Dept., Technical University of Munich,  Germany

07/2007-12/011,        Research and teaching assistant,  Physics Dept., Technical University of Munich,  Germany

09/2005-07/2007       Master student with A. Nihat Berker, Physics Dept., Koç University, Turkey (full scholarship)

09/2005-07/2007       Research and teaching assistant, Physics Department, Koç University, Turkey

09/2000-06/2005       Batchelor student, Engineering Physics, Istanbul Technical University,  Turkey (including one-year English prep class)

09/2002-06/2004      Junior teaching assistant, Engineering Physics, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey