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Month: January 2018

New Assistant Dean of Students Joins the Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) welcomes a new Director and Assistant Dean of Students Lucas Christain. Christain joined the team in late June and already has been making an impact.

“When I joined [the OSC], it was the first time we’d been fully staffed,” Christain explained. “A lot of my role is helping actualize some of the visions of the folks that came before me by building the structure of the office and advancing some of the initiatives that we want to get off the ground.”

Fight off Winter Blues with Jan Jam

Getting through winter is like a battle. Between the cold air attacking the streets and the darkness encompassing 14 hours of the day, it’s tempting to admit defeat and just hibernate until spring. But on January 28, Northwestern students are encouraged to fight back against winter by celebrating Jan Jam in Norris.

This Winter, Commemorating Dr. King’s Legacy at Northwestern

The Northwestern University community has celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. since 1980, when the Alpha Mu chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity initiated what is now known as the Candlelight Vigil. Since then, honoring their fraternity brother became a tradition for the chapter in collaboration with the Department of African-American Student Affairs and the University Chaplain’s office. In 1987, the University decided to join and expand the commemorations for a whole week with a wide program of events that ranged from discussions to lectures, films, plays, service projects, and more.