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Month: February 2016

Body Acceptance Week Returns to Campus

The world is overcrowded with negative media telling people to look and dress a certain way. Every day, folks are encouraged to alter their appearance to conform to societal standards. This February, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is back with Chicago artist Matthew Hoffman to remind us all that WE are ALL beautiful.

In a collaboration with Northwestern University Health Service (NUHS), the Women’s Center, Northwestern University Department of Recreation & Athletics and Northwestern Dining, Body Acceptance Week is returning February 15–19.

Dispelling Myths About Student Alcohol & Drug Use

Each summer before arriving to campus, incoming first-year students complete the AlcoholEdu for College online course. This interactive program surveys students about their alcohol and drug consumption habits and empowers them to make responsible decisions and intervene in potentially dangerous situations.

To encourage honesty, responses are confidential and Northwestern only receives information about the student body as a whole. This year, Health Promotion and Wellness applied the Class of 2019’s responses to create a social norms campaign that seeks to clear up misconceptions about alcohol and drug consumption at Northwestern.