What is StatTag?

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StatTag is an open source, free plug-in that integrates document preparation in Microsoft Word with statistical code, results and data. Using StatTag gives you the ability to embed statistical output in Microsoft Word documents, and edit R, SAS, or Stata code from within a Word document.

Why use StatTag? 

Using StatTag will allow you to modify a dataset or analysis without transcribing and re-copying the results into a manuscript or table.

How is StatTag different than other dynamic documents?

StatTag takes the idea of a dynamic document to the next level. Within Word you can:

  • Embed statistical outputs such as estimates, tables and figures into a document
  • See the code behind  outputs with one click
  • Update individual or collective outputs with one click

How do I use StatTag?

A step-by-step guide for downloading and using StatTag is available in our User’s manual – available for macOS or Windows.

What software is StatTag compatible with? 

StatTag is currently available to use with R, SAS, and Stata on Windows computers. StatTag is also available in a public beta for R and Stata on macOS. 

Where can I get StatTag? 

Click here to download the software for free. Prior to downloading you will be asked a few simple questions. 

Should I cite StatTag?  

Yes. We ask that anyone who uses the software during manuscript preparation cites StatTag. Click here for our citation.

Is StatTag free to use?

Yes. StatTag is made available under the MIT License (the exact license will show up when you install the software), which allows free use.

Is StatTag open source?

Yes. The source code for StatTag can be found on our GitHub page: https://github.com/stattag

Can I use StatTag with multiple code files?

Yes. StatTag can be used with multiple code files, and can be used with .R, .sas, and .do files all at once.

What happens if I save a file in a different location?

StatTag saves the pathway of the code file. When the file is moved, StatTag will alert you that the file needs to be linked, and will direct you how to do so.

Can I see all the Tags in a document?

Yes. Tags are highlighted when you click on them. In the future, there will also be a “highlight all” function.

Can I edit my statistical code from Word?

Yes. StatTag will open your statistical code within Word in a text editing window. You can make and save changes to the statistical code from within Word.

How does StatTag work when I share the Word document with collaborators?

What about data security (e.g. PII, PHI)?

StatTag does not store a copy of your data, however StatTag does store a copy of the statistical code.

I need help, what should I do?

The user’s guide for macOS and Windows provides step-by-step instructions for using StatTag as well as tips for troubleshooting. Video tutorials on generating and updating tags are also available. If neither of these resources offer an answer to your question, please email the StatTag team for assistance, StatTag@northwestern.edu.