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Weekly Staff Spotlight: Aaron Golding, MSA Assistant Director

Every Friday, we will be highlighting a different MSA staff member, exploring what they are up to this summer.  This week’s feature is Aaron Golding, MSA  Assistant Director.

Aaron Golding, MSA Assistant Director

Aaron Golding, MSA Assistant Director

What projects are you working on at MSA this summer?
I’ve been working creating a new podcast that will focus on storytelling and will launch this fall. I’ve also been planning Harvest: Indigenous Discussions and preparing for Native American Heritage Month in November.

  1. What can students expect to see new at MSA in the fall?
    Definitely our new podcast. We want to center the stories of students and will be looking for folx that are interested in telling their stories.
  2. What has been taking up your free time over the summer?
    I’ve been taking my daughter to the beach a lot. I don’t love sand – it gets everywhere – but I’ve learned how to accept and live with it.
  3. What has been your favorite part of the summer so far?
    Evenings and sunsets that linger, bike rides to campus, hunting for insects with my daughter, and the rustle of leaves blowing in the wind.
  4. What are you most looking forward to for the school year to come?
    New collaborations within MSA, our podcast, and my daughter starting kindergarten.

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