Matt Zhou
Year: Junior
Hometown: Palatine, IL
Major: Anthropology
Fun Fact: I’ve broken my arm by falling out of my bed while I was asleep
Brittany’s Spirit Animal (chosen by Matt): Chipmunk
Previous GlobeMed Experience: GROW Coordinator, GHU Co-director

Brittany Zelch
Year: Junior
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Major: Biology, Global Health minor
Fun Fact: I can’t remember the last day I didn’t eat hummus
Matt’s Spirit Animal (chosen by Brittany): Sloth
Previous GlobeMed Experience: Co- director of Individual Giving

A message from Matt and Brittany:

We’re really excited to introduce ourselves as the incoming co-presidents for next year! We are looking forward to not only continuing to develop relationships within the chapter, but also to engage the Northwestern/Evanston community through new local partnerships and collaborations. We believe that a closer and more connected community is critical for the continued success and expansion of our chapter. The coming year will focus on building off of a solid foundation and implementing new structures that will help drive us towards our goals and strengthen the way in which we operate as a chapter. Giving chapter members more opportunities to act as agents of change, both on campus and with our partner in Uganda, will help us move towards our goals of generating a greater degree of community awareness and creating sustainable change with the Adonai Center. As co-presidents, we have a vision of GlobeMed at Northwestern becoming something really special over the next few years. This vision depends on the commitment of our chapter members, who understand that through sustainable, grassroots empowerment, we as students have our own unique power to affect change and improve health conditions throughout the world.