Just a week after learning of the incredible case from of a young baby from Mississippi who was completely cured of HIV, more very promising HIV news, this time featuring French researchers who say there are at least 14 HIV positive adults whose immune systems are apparently keeping the virus at bay without the help of antiretroviral drugs.

Additionally, an interesting piece on the globally growing middle class and it’s role in health equity around the world.


And finally, yet another beautiful reflection on GlobeMed from senior and current Internal Co-President Emily Bauersfeld:


“When I joined GlobeMed at Northwestern my sophomore year of college, I had no idea what to expect. I knew that GlobeMed was a social justice organization, interested in helping create global health equity, but I really had no idea what I was in for. GlobeMed opened my eyes to new people, new experiences, and allowed me to focus on my personal life goals. Having the opportunity to discuss, implement and guide global health is an experience I didn’t realize I valued until I joined GlobeMed. Now, three years later, reflecting on my time spent as a chapter and exec board member, and as co-president, I realize how GlobeMed fundamentally changed the way I think about and approach problems.


Northwestern students are bright; GlobeMed at Northwestern members are dedicated and driven. We are students who not only believe in social change, but who are ready to physically work on making it happen. I’ve been so lucky to work alongside such motivated individuals, and I am even more excited to see where my peers will take this organization in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed leading such a wonderful group of students, and feel honored to have worked with such promising leaders. I may have joined GlobeMed without realizing the true potential of what the organization had to offer, but I am certainly leaving GlobeMed with an updated, focused vision of what it means to be devoted to health equity.”



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