The Center for Economic Theory (CET) was founded within the Department of Economics of the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences of Northwestern University in the Summer of 2006. The CET was conceived to support theory related research in the department and to promote a strong relationship with the large community of scholars at Northwestern whose research is related to economic theory by initiating and supporting joint activities.

These activities include funding and organizing seminars, conferences and minicourses related to economic theory, inviting short and long term visitors who will enhance the theory community, and supporting theory students and their research.

There are four seminar series supported and organized by the center:

  1. An informal seminar for theory students to present their work which meets roughly monthly;
  2. An informal seminar and discussion with speakers who present an overview of an area of research and which meets on an occasional basis in the Fall and Spring quarters;
  3. A weekly seminar series for invited speakers; and
  4. A bag lunch seminar series.

The last two are run and funded jointly with the Center for Mathematical Studies in Economics and Management Science. The coordinators of the activities are listed here.

The current CET research assistants are Jiachen Ma and Boli Xu. Previous RAs are listed here.