Oncogenesis & Developmental Biology Group

ODBThe Oncogenesis & Developmental Biology Group Meets Wednesdays at 12:00pm in Cook Hall, Room 3118.

Members of this group (Andersen, Bao, Beitel, Carthew, Holmgren, LaBonne, Petersen, and Wang labs) meet weekly on the Evanston campus to explore the links between developmental regulatory pathways and their deregulation during tumorigenesis. Ongoing research in participating laboratories is discussed, as are recent advances from the literature. This forum fosters a lively exchange of ideas on a variety of topics including maintenance and loss of cell polarity, Epithelial-Mesenchymal transitions, and signal transduction pathways and regulatory mechanisms that play central roles in both embryogenesis and cancer. Approximately 30-40 researchers participate in this group which also serves as an important training forum and resource for graduate and post doctoral appointees to the Oncogenesis and Developmental Biology training program.

Onc Dev Bio Presentation Schedule 2019-2020