Webinar: Your Career in the Pandemic: A Look at the Current Legal Market

Jim Leipold, Executive Director of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) and our own Professor Dan Rodriguez engaged in a data-driven, in-depth discussion about the impact of the pandemic and its aftermath on the U.S. legal market. Their discussion included a look at the challenges students and alumni are facing in the current legal job market, how law firm recruiting strategies are being altered, and what sustainable opportunities might come as a result of COVID-19.

Webinar: Webex, and BlueJeans, and Zoom, Oh My! Acing Your Virtual Interview

Despite the current state of the world (or maybe because of it?), many people are in the market for a new job. With the use of available technology, most interviews these days are on virtual platforms. How is this different than phone or in person interviews? How do you prepare? How do you connect with the interviewers? How do you stand out? In this presentation, a panel of experienced legal industry hiring decision makers from both the public and private sectors discuss best practices, tips, and strategies to maximize success on your interviews and avoid common pitfalls. View recording here.

Webinar: Head and Shoulders Above the Rest – Career Success in the Virtual Practice of Law

Guess what? We are living in a virtual world! Our new normal involves virtual meetings, hearings, client pitches, and social gatherings. Are you prepared to succeed in these environments? this video offers best practices, tips, and strategies to maximize your career opportunities and avoid common pitfalls.

Career Success in the Virtual Practice of Law

Zoom Conversation: Bouncing Back — A Look at the Global Legal Market

We are please to provide the video of the thoughtful and engaging conversation  between our own Professor Dan Rodriguez and Duc Trang (a Managing Director with MLA Transform Advisory Services) addressing the ongoing effects of the pandemic, its aftermath on the global legal market, and how best to cope and thrive in the face of professional setbacks.