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Living with Doubt

Considers problems that arise for fallibilism having to do with epistemic possibility and the relation between knowledge and action; presents new arguments for skepticism; and offers a new perspective on the value of knowledge, the nature of the epistemic goal, the nature of doubt, and our best prospects for living with ineliminable doubts.

Towards an Expansive Epistemology: Norms, Action, and the Social Sphere (co-editor with AK Flowerree), under contract with Routledge

New essays on the nature of the epistemic from a variety of perspectives, including traditional, social, formal, and normative epistemology. Contributors include Jessica Brown, Stewart Cohen, Kenny Easwaran and Reuben Stern, AK Flowerree, Richard Fumerton, Hilary Kornblith, Jennifer Lackey, Michael P. Lynch, Miriam McCormick, Kate Nolfi, Baron Reed, Martin Smith, Deborah Perron Tollefsen, Daniel Whiting, and Timothy Williamson.


“Epistemic Psychology” (For Towards an Expansive Epistemology)

Published Work:

     Edited Volumes:

Skepticism: From Antiquity to the Present (co-editor with Diego Machuca), Bloomsbury (2018). 55 new essays on skepticism, representing both historical and contemporary approaches. Includes essays on Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, Modern, and Twentieth-Century figures, both Western and non-Western, as well as essays on contemporary arguments for, and reactions to, skepticism.

Epistemic Agency (Philosophical Issues 23), Wiley-Blackwell (2013): new essays on epistemic agency, the epistemic goal, value of truth, etc.


“Skepticism as a Way of Life,” The Mystery of Skepticism, ed. by Kevin McCain and Ted Poston (2019), Brill: 63–80.

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