20170620 Release

We recently released new features and fixes to NUcore which may be helpful to all users of the system. Please email any questions or comments to nucore@northwestern.edu.


  • Added a new Create Journals page workflow
    • Checks for problematic transactions before creating the journal
    • Shifts problematic transactions that can not be journaled to the top of page
    • Allows problematic transactions to be exported to .csv
  • Added Invoice Number and Current Charge Mode to Export Raw report
    • Invoice Number is applicable for invoiced/statemented orders only
    • Current Charge Mode: would populate with “Usage”, “Reservation”, “Overage” (for Instruments), and “Quantity” (for Services/Items) as appropriate.
  • Fixed issue when reporting on journaled items where queries that begin and end on the same date would not return data
  • Removed redundant “Disputed Orders” and “Disputed Reservations” tabs
    • Retained the ability to get to Disputes from the Notices menu and the Billing menu
  • Removed redundant Statements and Orders tabs for Account Manager view