20150908 Release

This released focused on a number of user interface bugs as well as addressing the last of some performance enhancements that were related to our recent server infrastructure upgrade. We have seen improved page load speeds as a result of this work, and will continue to evaluate ways to make the system even faster. Please review the list below and contact nucore@northwestern.edu with any questions or comments.


  1. Streamlined the send notification page load query to speed up page loading
  2. Fixed an issue where billing notifications would fail to send if the list of orders to be sent was very large
  3. Fixed an issue where having a large number of instrument accessories would result in the list being cut off in the Accessory pop up
  4. Fixed an issue where the instrument accessory pop up would not appear when facility managers end a reservation from the ‘New/In Process’ Reservation tab
  5. Fixed an issue where manipulating reservation start times would create an error if there were multiple reservations in the cart
  6. Fixed an issue where the instrument calendar Daily View would not show blocks for non-schedulable time
  7. Fixed an issue where the system could not load the reservation creation page if the next available reservation was too far in the future