June 2018

JUNE 11, 2018: Talk slides due. Send via email in PowerPoint only to


You can of course bring your own laptop to the conference, but please make sure to also bring your video connector. Please be in touch with your session chair so we can finalize the schedule soon (see below).

May 2018

Tentative schedule of TALKS and list of POSTERS published. Updates will be made regularly.

MAY 24, 2018: Corrections to titles/abstracts for both talks & posters due. Send to


Please check that your name, affiliation, and talk title appear correctly in the schedule. We only list short affiliations and we also prefer short titles (some titles have been shortened from what was originally submitted, and we now use common acronyms such as GC, BH, GW, consistently across all titles).

All talks are 20 minutes (including questions) by default, and are currently listed alphabetically within each session. Each session chair is responsible for re-ordering the talks more logically and making small adjustments to talk durations. Please be proactive and (1) coordinate with other speakers in your session; (2) be in touch early with your session chair and feel free to suggest changes. When 2-3 talks cover the same topic(s), the speakers may want to share a common question/discussion period, and also make sure to avoid repeating the same introductory slides.

This is a specialized meeting and you should expect to be speaking to experts who do not need a lengthy introduction. Please focus your talk mainly on your newest research results, assuming that most people in the audience are already familiar with previously published work.

Poster presenters:

If you originally requested a talk, and for some reason still feel that you really must give an oral presentation (e.g., if giving a talk is required for you to get travel funding), we may still be able to add a very short talk to the program, which you could then give in addition to presenting a poster. In that case please contact SOC co-chair Fred Rasio ASAP and suggest the best session for your short talk.

Please check that your name, affiliation, and poster title appear correctly.

Posters can be set up on Monday evening and will remain on display for the entire duration of the meeting through Friday evening. There is plenty of room, but your poster should be no taller than 1.2m (47″).

April 2018

Initial list of PARTICIPANTS is posted. Updates will be made regularly.

January 2018

Registration is open. Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM.

Important Dates
FEBRUARY 28, 2018: Requests for reduced registration due.
APRIL 6, 2018: Register by this date to receive full consideration for an oral presentation.
MAY 31, 2018: Registration at standard rate closes (may be earlier if room limitation is reached).
JUNE 1, 2018: Late fee will be charged after this date.

December 2017

Pre-registration is open. Please complete the PRE-REGISTRATION FORM. Thank you.

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