Firá and crater rim seen from the caldera

Sunset on Santorini, Greece

Sunset in Firá

Bells of the Blue Domed Church, Firostefani, Santorini

Oia Village in Santorini, Greece

MODEST-18, the 18th workshop on Modeling and Observing DEnse STellar systems, will take place on the island of Santorini, Greece, June 25 - 29, 2018. Scientific sessions will be at the Petros Nomikos Conference Centre located in the capital of Santorini, Firá.

Petros M. Nomikos Conference Centre

Petros M. Nomikos Conference Centre

Located in Firá, the capital of Santorini, and overlooking the caldera and the volcano, this red neoclassical mansion has been transformed into a modern conference center. Its traditional character, with cellars, terraces, flower-filled pots, and parterres, has been preserved.
Northwestern's Center for Astronomy

Northwestern's Center for Astronomy

Northwestern University's astrophysics research center, CIERA is developing top research & education programs in astronomy and astrophysics. CIERA seeks to be internationally recognized for its competitive innovation and scientific advances, building upon our unique interdisciplinary culture.
Scientific Organizing Committee
Andrea Ghez (UCLA, co-chair)
Fred Rasio (CIERA, Northwestern, co-chair)

Kenji Bekki (University of Western Australia)
Richard de Grijs (KIAA, Peking University)
Laura Ferrarese (University of Victoria)
Michiko Fujii (NAOJ)
Narae Hwang (KASI)
Natasha Ivanova (University of Alberta)
Barbara Lanzoni (University of Bologna)
Michela Mapelli (University of Innsbruck and INAF Padova)
Steve McMillan (Drexel University)
Eva Noyola (UT Austin)
Simon Portegies Zwart (Leiden University)
Alison Sills (McMaster University)
Long Wang (RIKEN)
Local Organizing Committee
Vicky Kalogera (CIERA, Northwestern, chair)
Fred Rasio (CIERA, Northwestern)
Gretchen Oehlschlager (CIERA, Northwestern)