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audio-interview archive from the students of Chicago Field Studies

“It puts a smile on their face, and it kind of changes their attitude” –Laurel Marin (Assistant Manager at Wendy’s). By Stephanie Marin

“This is almost like a problem set but with a lot of different people working with us to try to figure it out” – Adam Ginsburgh (COO), Lindsay Cohen (marketer), and Nathan Popkins (CEO). By Jason Kerr, Spring 2017

“I didn’t go to college or university; I just dropped the school” – Daniel Leon (CEO). By Nataly, Spring 2017

“My Southern Wisconsin roots, my ability to relate to people, was second nature through the upbringing that my parents gave me” -Blair (former consultant). By Kathir, Spring 2017

“It tends to be lumpy. It’s lumpy business. Deals ebb and flow… closings ebb and flow… you could go a year without a closing in some cases.” -Jeffrey (executive managing director)

“There’s the assumption that I’m in the room because I’m the token female… and I have to prove that I’m there because I’m the smartest lawyer on the team” -Suzzanne Uhland (lawyer). By Alice Miller, Winter 2017.

“I’ve never made a penny out of film. I think it’s a mistake to make choices based on money… I don’t wanna be a slave to the studios.” – N. (an independent filmmaker)

“This job is nothing more than trying to understand how the world operates” -Eugene (investment banking analyst)

“Listen to the differences and try to find some compromise…it’s what we call a win-win game” -Cho (diplomat)

“Stay curious and adopt the love for the grit and growth mindset that the entrepreneurial spirit calls for” -Wally (CEO/Partner)

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