November 2019: KGNU

October 2019: BYU Radio, “Top of Mind

April 2019: Newsy

March 2019: Australia National Radio, “Rear View Window

October 2018: LitHouse podcast, House of Literature, Oslo, Norway

June 2018: C-Span Book TV (with Lina Sergie Attar)

June 2018: MENA Dialogues

June 2018: The Nation

March 2018: Chicago Council on Global Affairs Deep Dish Podcast

March 2018: CTV News Channel

March 2018: Indigo Bridge Books Blog

February 2018: Syria Deeply

February 2018: The Takeaway podcast

February 2018: Democracy Now! TV, parts #1 and #2

February 2018: Make it Better magazine

November 2017: WITF-Harrisburg, “Smart Talk

November 2017: WHYY-Philadelphia, “Radio Times

October 2017: The Irrelevant Arabs podcast

October 2017: WGN Radio

October 2017:  POMEPS podcast

October 2017: WCBU-Peoria Public Radio

October 2017: WTTW “Chicago Tonight

October 2017: Chicago magazine

September 2017: Washingtonian magazine

September 2017: Brown Alumni Monthly magazine

August 2017: 

August 2017: New Books Network podcast

July 2017: “This is Hell” radio, Parts #1 and #2

July 2017: “Rising Up With Sonali

July 2017: Global Dispatches podcast

June 2017: Chicago Review of Books

June 2017: Rebellious Magazine

June 2017: Northwestern magazine

January 2017: WTTW “Chicago Tonight

August 2016: POMEPS podcast

March 2016: Foreign Policy Interruptors

March 2016: South Africa Broadcasting Corporation News

October 2015: University of Denver Middle East dialogues

June 2015: CSPAN Book TV

November 2012: POMEPS conversations

November 2011:, “New Texts Out Now”

October 2003: CSPAN Book TV