Ambient STM Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (STM-TERS)

There are several advantages for utilizing tip enhanced Raman over surface enhanced Raman (SERS) namely combining the spatial resolution of probe microscopies and surface generality. This allows us to circumvent the diffraction limit imposed on SERS microscopy and approach lateral resolutions on the order of 20 nm. We have recently demonstrated single molecule TERS using isotopologues of Rhodamine 6G. The single molecule signal was confirmed by observing switching of the TERS signal between the two isotopologues. Current work has focused on understanding the fluctuations observed under single molecule conditions as well as coupling ultrafast lasers into the TERS apparatus for time-resolved experiments. These studies will be carried out in partial collaboration with the CaSTL Center at the University of California – Irvine. For more information, please visit the center’s website here.

(A) Time series waterfall plot demonstrating temporal fluctuations of the TERS signal.
(B) Demonstration of the relative intensity fluctuations in single molecule experiments caused by changes in the excited state of the molecule.

(A) Time series waterfall plot demonstrating decay of the pulsed TERS signal.
(B) Comparison of pulsed and cw excitation demonstrating the feasibility of pulsed excitation for time resolved experiments.

Song Jiang, postdoctoral fellow
Xu Chen, 5th year graduate student

Recent Publications:

“Single Molecule Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy,” M. Sonntag, J. Klingsporn, L. Garibay, J. Roberts, J. Dieringer, K. Scheidt, L. Jensen, G. C. Schatz, T. Seideman, and R. P. Van Duyne, J. Phys. Chem. C, 116, 478-483 (2012).

“Picosecond Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy,” J. Klingsporn, M. Sonntag, T. Seideman, and R. P. Van Duyne, Nano Lett. Submitted.

“The Origin of the Relative Intensity Fluctuations in Single-Molecule Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy,” M. Sonntag, D. Chulhai, T. Seideman, L. Jensen, R. P. Van Duyne, J. Am. Chem. Soc. Submitted.

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    Discoverer of Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (1977)
    Inventor of Nanosphere Lithography (1995) & Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy (2000)

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    Professor Van Duyne has, in his career to date, advised a total of 87 graduate students and 47 postdoctoral fellows. Every year, Professor Van Duyne gives a talk to introduce new graduate students to our research. The 2017 seminar slides are available here.

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